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New Nokia Lumia Model Coming Soon to Verizon?

by Stephen Schenck on

Will there soon be a new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 handset joining Verizon’s lineup? This evening we’re checking out the latest rumor to hit Twitter, suggesting that just such a handset could be on its way to the carrier.

The Verge’s Tom Warren tweeted, “If you’re on Verizon and you want a high-end Nokia Lumia. You’re gonna be happy soon.” We’re especially intrigued to hear this tease coming from Tom, because he’s the one who reported on the rumor earlier this month that Nokia is adopting an aluminum construction for a thinner, lighter, high-end Lumia sometime this year.

The phone, supposedly codenamed Catwalk, wouldn’t be a big departure from the sort of hardware we see with the Lumia 920, with this new aluminum build seeming like its big stand-out feature. We had hoped to get more news of the phone’s launch by the spring, but this tweet has us wondering if it could get hear even sooner.

Then again, maybe it really is too soon for Catwalk, and we’ll get something else, like the polycarbonate Lumia 922 we heard rumored several times last fall.

Source: Tom Warren (Twitter)
Via: WMPoweruser

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