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Qualcomm CEO Calls Samsung’s Eight-Core Exynos 5 Octa a Publicity Stunt

by Stephen Schenck on

Is it fair to call Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa an eight-core processor? After all, it doesn’t operate all eight cores simultaneously, choosing from either a bank of four A15 or four A7 cores, and it’s not like we commonly call the Tegra 3 with its extra power-saving core a five-core chip, right? Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs doesn’t seem too pleased with how Samsung is trying to position this chip, and had a few choice words about the Exynos 5 Octa while speaking to reporters in Beijing.

Mind you, this is all coming from a Chinese translation, so while these may not be the exact words Dr. Jacobs used, his message is clear enough. Jacobs called Samsung’s announcement of its eight-core SoC a publicity stunt, and rather than being a practical design taking full advantage of all eight cores, he paints the picture of it being a stop-gap measure to compensate for high-performance cores not optimized for mobile power concerns.

Jacobs warns that placing such emphasis on core count can be misleading to the public. From his point of view, Qualcomm is doing things right with its Krait-based designs, addressing power concerns with load-balancing and efficient designs, rather than throwing more silicon at the problem.

Source: CNMO, Sina (Google Translate)
Via: The Droid Guy

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