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Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Set to Arrive Next Month

by Stephen Schenck on

Remember the Nexus-branded wireless charging station we saw leaked right before Google revealed the Nexus 4? While the phone did launch with support for Qi-standard wireless charging, the charger was nowhere to be seen. We’re well-aware at this point that Nexus-branded accessories can take what feels like forever to actually arrive, and the Nexus 4 wireless charger appears to be no different. Thankfully, it looks like the wait for this one won’t be quite so atrocious as the delay getting the Nexus 7 dock out, and one retailer is indicating that the Nexus 4 charger will be available next month.

Sweden-based retailer Dustin Home lists the wireless charger for what works out to about $114. That’s pretty steep when you consider that a Nokia Lumia wireless charger goes for half that, and will work with the Nexus 4 without a hitch. Still, we can’t deny that the Nexus charger is pretty sweet looking, and sure compliments the Nexus 4 nicely.

Here’s hoping that we end up seeing the official Nexus wireless charger find some broader availability soon, and hopefully with a slightly more affordable price tag.

Source: Dustin Home
Via: Phandroid

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