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HTC Butterfly Gets A Pre-Order Availability Date

by Stephen Schenck on

In early December we saw HTC reveal the Butterfly – not the Droid DNA, nor the J Butterfly, but this time the Butterfly X920E. It later came to light that this handset was intended for launch in China, and we eventually saw HTC confirm that the Butterfly wasn’t officially set to come to Europe, let alone the US. Of course, a little thing like the manufacturer’s intention isn’t going to get in the way of dedicated smartphone fans, and if you’re still interested in getting your hands on one of these Androids, retailers are ready to hook you up.

Negri Electronics has listed the Butterfly X920E for pre-order, with the handset expected to become available sometime towards the end of January. This very high-end phone comes with a price to match, and both the white and red editions of the phone are priced just a hair over $800.

Unlike the Droid DNA, there’s no LTE connectivity here. Even HSPA+ support is quite limited, covering only the 850MHz and 2100MHz bands. Really, for this kind of money we’d hope for a little more, but when you’re taking the unofficial route like this, you have to settle for what you can get (and it’s not like we didn’t know from the get-go which bands to expect). Don’t worry, as it shouldn’t be long before we see plenty of other 1080p Androids hit the scene; be sure to check in for our CES 2013 coverage for details on many such models.

Source: Negri Electronics

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