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HTC Looks Back On Disappointing Sales, Talks 2013 Outlook

by Stephen Schenck on

We started off 2012 with such high hopes for HTC. After a 2011 filled with entirely too many unremarkable smartphones, the company committed itself to a renewed focus on producing a more limited lineup, with special focus on higher-end, attention-grabbing headliner devices. Unfortunately for the company, we didn’t really see this effort followed-through upon in the way we were hoping, and the company’s sales responded in kind; according to some data we looked at last month, HTC’s share of global smartphone shipments dipped in 2012 to just 5% of the market, down from 9% in 2011. Now CEO Peter Chou is talking a little about where the company went wrong, and what it’s going to do differently in 2013.

According to Chou, the worst for HTC is over, and “2013 will not be too bad.” In particular, he looks to marketing as one area where the company could hope to increase its efforts in the hopes of driving increased sales this year. Despite intentions to put more money into promoting HTC’s products, Chou is clear that just throwing cash at the problem isn’t the company’s goal, clarifying that “the most important thing is to have unique products that appeal to consumers.”

That may be true, but Chou declined to go into and specifics as to just how HTC intends to deliver such unique hardware in this very competitive smartphone landscape, at least beyond acting faster and being “responsive to market changes.” Certainly, the manufacturer has made some good efforts with its early 1080p phones, and while we’ve heard some possible names for 2013 models, we’re still at a loss for details on most.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Via: phoneArena

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