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Apple’s A6X Chip Production Reportedly Handed To TSMC For Trials

by Anton D. Nagy on

We will soon lose count of how many rumors and reports we’ve heard about Apple possibly considering to move away from Samsung as its main chip supplier, choosing TSMC instead. The latest such report was dated December 11 and it basically contains the same information as today’s bit.

However, the Taiwanese Commercial Times report has a just a slightly different approach; rather than talking about Apple’s future possible plans, the publication seems to take the move for granted. Apple has allegedly already contacted TSMC which will soon start the production of the A6X chip which is powering the latest fourth generation iPad. The┬átrial production is reportedly scheduled for the first quarter of this year.

There is no word yet from either companies but given the amount of reports and speculation on the matter it might seem to be a logical move, especially given the rather sour relationship between Apple and Samsung.

Source: Commercial Times, France 24

Via: 9to5mac

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