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Galaxy Note Floating Multiwindows Mod Makes Your Smartphone Look Like Your Desktop

by Stephen Schenck on

Samsung’s Multi Window View mode, originally from the Galaxy Note II, has been one of the hottest things for developers to mod over the past several weeks, adding functionality by increasing the mode’s app compatibility, and bringing the feature to other smartphones, like the Galaxy S II. The latest twist on this story to catch our attention takes things one step further, allowing you to move around and resize app windows, just like you would on a desktop PC.

The version we’re looking at runs on the original Galaxy Note, where it expands on the functionality of custom ROMs already featuring an unlimited apps multiwindow mod. Floating Multiwindows, as this release is being called, lets multiple apps run simultaneously in separate windows, while giving you full control over their on-screen placement.

It may look a little cluttered at first, but we can definitely see the appeal here. If you’ve got a task to do that simply requires working with multiple apps, this could make jumping between them a breeze, all while letting you watch what’s happening in all of them at once.

This is pushing the limits of how apps were expecting to be run, so it’s not without issues, but by and large it seems to function quite nicely. Samsung, are you paying attention?

Source: XDA Developers (forum)

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