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Samsung Teasing Something For CES 2013

by Anton D. Nagy on

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is just around the corner; those waiting for all the good stuff manufacturers will be showing off have less than a month to wait. With this in mind Samsung has published a teaser video (below) but your guess is as good as ours regarding the actual product being teased.

However, we have a couple of ideas in mind, and we’re sure you do too! First of all, what we think we won’t see: the Galaxy S IV. Since Samsung made a big deal out of its Unpacked event this May, we’re likely not going to see the next Galaxy S device. But what can we see then? We can either see the long awaited (and too much postponed) Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone. Also on the list can be a device with a 1080p screen, since it’s the trending spec nowadays. One last bit of speculation: a tablet of some sort. As some have pointed out, it might be all about the rebranding we’ve heard about being unveiled at CES.

What do you think Samsung is preparing? When you answer, keep in mind that the Unpacked event is a stand-alone event and also that MWC, a much larger mobile-oriented show, is following after CES.

Source: YouTube

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