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Nexus 4 LTE Working On AT&T In US? (But There’s A Big Catch)

by Stephen Schenck on

The discovery last month that the Nexus 4 had inherited some of the Optimus G’s LTE support was a very intriguing find… if you live in Canada. After all, the single-band LTE that the Nexus 4 could be configured to use only worked on the 1700MHz AWS frequencies, and while those have been allocated for LTE service in the Great White North, they didn’t seem much use in the States; maybe T-Mobile would offer AWS LTE in another year or so, but that’s not much use for the time being. As it turns out though, AT&T is currently offering LTE over the AWS band in a few markets, letting Nexus 4 tinkerers grab some really high-speed data with their phones already.

While most of AT&T’s LTE lives on 700MHz, the carrier does have some AWS spectrum to its name, and in a select few areas, appears to be have it set up to offer LTE on 1700MHz. A thread on the XDA-Developers forums has more cases of failure than success, but when the stars align, it look like it just might work. Speed tests show the kind of nearly 30Mbps downstream bandwidth that we’d expect from LTE, but considering how extremely limited the coverage area seems to be, it’s of very limited use.

The Nexus 4′s LTE capabilities still seem like they’ll remain little more than a curiosity in the US for the moment, but we at least now the phone can make some claim to operating on LTE in the States.

Source: XDA-Developers forum
Via: BGR

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