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Google Updates YouTube App For iOS, Adds iPhone 5, iPad Support,

by Anton D. Nagy on

When Apple released iOS 6 we knew that YouTube will go missing — and it’s been removed since Beta 4 — alongside Google Maps, but Mountain View was quick to react and released a dedicated application which only supported the iPhone and not the iPad. Then then iPhone 5 came along and the app was displaying black bars at the top and bottom of the larger screen with larger resolution but all of these are sorted out now.

The new version of YouTube not only adds support for the iPhone 5 — getting rid of the black bars and displaying nice, full-screen videos — but it now also supports Apple’s tablets. Alongside other functionality improvements you will find the ability to┬ástream videos with AirPlay extremely useful if you’re using Apple’s way of mirroring your screen. Check with your AppStore app or follow the source link below to grab the latest version.

Source: iTunes

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