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LG Says It Will Not Distribute the Nexus 4 In Italy

by Anton D. Nagy on

The fact that the price of the LG-made Google Nexus 4 was and still is outrageous in some regions of Europe generated a lot of buzz and negative press. Compared to the price of the phone in the US (and other countries which feature the phone in the Google Play Store), some Europeans have to pay three-to-four times as much just to get the latest Nexus 4.

On top of it all, according to a recent Facebook posting, LG Italy just told its fans that the Nexus 4 will not be distributed on the Italian market: “LG Electronics Italy will not distribute the Nexus 4 smartphone¬†on the Italian market. The LG and Google branded smartphone is still available on Google Play Store in countries where the service is active”.

This leaves Italian future owners with little to no options: they could either pay a sky-high price for the phone and get if from those outlets that will import it (bring it) from other European (or foreign) markets or try to find a way to purchase the Nexus 4 from a nearby Google Play Store that has it listed, like UK, Spain, Germany or France (which could be a real hassle).

Source: Facebook

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