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Why Is iOS So Over-Represented In Mobile Web Traffic?

by Stephen Schenck on

Here’s an interesting discrepancy: over the past several years, Android’s seen some tremendous growth, and now regularly outsells the iPhone. Why is it, then, that Apple users continue to account for roughly twice the mobile web traffic as Android users, and why have those traffic figures leveled-off so much?

Some new figures just arrived on the past six months of mobile web traffic in the US and Canada, and iOS devices make up roughly two-thirds of the total. Now, these numbers only concern Android and iOS devices, ignoring Windows Phone and the rest, but that’s still very confusing. After all, we know that globally, Android’s been outselling iOS by a factor of five-to-one, and in the US alone, Android has roughly half the total smartphone market. Sure, iOS has seen some recent gains, but nothing to explain the two-to-one imbalance depicted here.

We wonder what could be causing such a large disconnect. Is it that Android users spend more time with tailor-made apps, and less time browsing the web in general? Are these numbers being skewed by Android users on pre-paid accounts, or other service plans that impose severe limits on their data usage? We really can’t say with any kind of certainty without a whole lot of additional data, but this is one mystery we’d be quite curious to see someone get to the bottom of.

Source: Chitika
Via: BGR

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