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iOS Follows Android With Its Own Big Gmail Update

by Stephen Schenck on

Google delivered some pretty interesting new features in yesterday’s Gmail update for Android 4.x users, adding pinch-to-zoom, auto message scaling, and new swipe controls, among other changes. It turns out that was just the opening course when it comes to new Gmail updates, and today the company is following that up with Gmail 2.0 for iOS, with its own slew of improvements.

More than just a few new features, Gmail 2.0 on iOS gets a revamped look, with Google focusing on making things fast, clean, and easy to access. Those aesthetic changes extend to new transitions, animations, and support for infinitely scrolling lists.

One big change is Google finally adding support for multiple accounts. The app supports up to five, and lets you quickly switch between them. You should also notice better integration with other Google services, like RSVP support through Google Calendar, and tighter interaction with Google+.

You can check out the rest of the new features, including auto-complete for in-app searches, by upgrading to version 2.0 today.

Source: Google
Via: Engadget

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