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Nokia Losing Damian Dinning; What Will It Mean For PureView?

by Stephen Schenck on

Any serious Nokia fan is well familiar with the name Damian Dinning. As the company’s Lead Program Manager of Imaging Experience, he’s been the public face behind all the fantastic advancement’s Nokia’s been up to lately with its smartphone cameras. From the PureView 808′s raw megapixel count, to the Lumia 920′s optical stabilization and exceptional low-light performance, Dinning’s been the one keeping us informed of the company’s latest efforts and explaining just how its technology is able to deliver the exceptional performance we’ve come to expect. While it’s had a great run so far, we’re left uncertain of what the future holds for Nokia smartphones and their cameras, upon word that Dinning is leaving Nokia.

Dinning’s tenure at Nokia is up as of the end of November, according to Nokia’s UK branch. He’s been with the company for nine years, and while we’re hopeful that Nokia will continue to push the limits of its camera technology without him, there’s definitely a bit of uncertainty in the air as a direct result of his forthcoming absence.

You can bet that we’ll be paying special attention to Nokia’s camera prowess as we start to see its 2013 hardware, and learn if Dinning’s successor will manage to adequately fill his shoes.

Source: Amateur Photographer
Via: My Nokia Blog

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