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Fake Apple Apps Show Up In Google Play Store, Quickly Yanked

by Anton D. Nagy on

iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers, Pages and Garageband are well known Apple apps which are probably present on most supported iOS devices. However, these applications made it to the Google Play Store (the last one named “Garage Band”) made by a developer called “APPLE INC”.

Needless to say that these are (well, were) all fake applications and Google was quick to remove them from the Play Store. While you won’t find these anymore, in case you have downloaded the applications, which are all commercial, you will need to immediately delete them and stay on the safe side of things. Whether you can hope for a refund or not is completely up to you and how Google would handle such requests.

Google was quick to react and we applaud them for that! However, this is another example that an a priori approval model like the one employed by competing platforms would be more beneficial for the users and the ecosystem itself as it would offer more protection to Android owners (at a cost of slower application approval times). Should Google consider this as an option or are things just well as they currently are?

Source: PhoneArena

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