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Google Nexus 10 Unboxing (Video)

by Michael Fisher on

Sometimes you pre-order a technology product and it doesn’t go as well as you’d like. Sometimes you talk about that rough pre-order process on a podcast episode, and right after you hang up the mic, life hits you square in the irony with a buzz at the door from the delivery man.

That’s what happened just a few minutes ago here in our Boston office. We’d just wrapped up recording this week’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast when a mysterious package arrived at our door. Putting aside our qualms about the ominously unspecific return address, we promptly busted out our Old-Timer unboxing knife, set up our camera rig, and threw the switch on the lights in the padded cell┬áreview studio. Fifteen minutes later, we’re sharing the contents of the mystery box with you.

Click the video below to live vicariously through us as we take a tour around Google’s new Nexus 10, the newest in high-definition Android Jelly Bean tablet technology from the folks at Mountain View. And be sure to stay tuned for much more coverage in the weeks ahead!

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