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HTC Droid DNA vs Samsung Galaxy Note II

by Michael Fisher on November 16, 2012 7:16 PM

What do you get when you cross the biggest, baddest Samsung hardware with the latest and greatest HTC superphone, the one everyone insists on mislabeling a phablet? You get this Galaxy Note II-vs-Droid DNA video, of course, except with the names inverted. Because in this biz, the new-hotness gets first-word respect. Dig?

In the video below, we take the Note II and the DNA on a short spin around the block, comparing their benchmark scores, in-hand feel, app launch times, browser performance, and -of course- their massive displays. We don’t yet know the DNA well enough to put its other features to the test -wait for our full review on that magic- but if you’ve ever wondered what a 720p Super AMOLED looks like when stacked up against a 1080p SLCD3, or asked yourself whether polished hyperglaze or matte soft-touch feels better in a palm, this video will be right up your alley. Put your eyeballs on it, and then go enjoy your weekend. You’ve earned it.


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