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Sony Talks Next Flagship Smartphone, Plans For Early 2013 Debut

by Stephen Schenck on

What’s Sony’s next big move in the smartphone world? We’ve been talking about quite a few rumored Sony Androids over the last couple months, and some of those were tied to what sound like some pretty impressive hardware specs. According to one Sony exec, the company has a new flagship smartphone already in mind, and it’s one we could hope to see revealed at either next year’s CES or the Mobile World Congress.

Sony Mobile Sales and Marketing CVP Dennis van Schie told Germany’s Financial Times that the company is planning a new flagship model to compete with the iPhone and the Galaxy S III. He may be a little behind the times by targeting the GS3, especially when we’re talking about a phone that won’t arrive until well into 2013, but that at least gives us an idea of the sort of high-end hardware we can look forward to.

We’ve heard about two different Sony models in development that sound like what van Schie may be referencing, most recently looking at the so-called Yuga. Along with a 1080p display, that model’s supposed to run a quad-core S4; just the kind of upper-tier hardware that would make for a good flagship. Of course, it remains to be seen if Sony will be able to outshine HTC with its Droid DNA/Deluxe, but Sony should at least have a few months of extra development time on its side.

Source: Financial Times Deutschland (Google Translate)
Via: Mobile Syrup

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