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Nexus 4 Back-Ordered for Three Weeks

by Joe Levi on

Google hasn’t had the best luck with their latest flagship smartphone, the Nexus 4¬†– not so far anyway.¬†Customers trying to order the new phone stayed up past midnight PST waiting to place their order, only to later discover it that the store wouldn’t open until several hours later.

When the time came for Google to open their virtual doors, the system failed. After some investigation and a little diligence we discovered how get an order in despite the Play Store’s shortcomings.

As time progressed, eventually both versions of the Nexus 4 were listed as “sold out”. Those who got their orders in were told we’d have our devices in-hand in “3-5 business days”.

Nexus 4 Backordered

or so we thought…


Earlier this afternoon Google sent out a “mandatory service announcement email” to break the news: apparently many of those “successful orders” probably shouldn’t have been placed and instead of 3-5 days, many of us will have to wait up to three weeks to see our smartphone.

One one hand, it’s frustrating that our orders will take significantly longer to arrive. On the other, we’re happy to see that there is such a great demand for Google’s flagship devices.

Google has promised send notifications out when individual orders have shipped, and as a token of apology they’re going to waive the shipping charges to those who had their order delayed. Additionally, anyone who wants to cancel their order may do so through this link:¬†

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