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Microsoft Sued, Facing Possible Class Action Because Of Surface Tablet Storage

by Anton D. Nagy on

There was quite a lot of buzz surrounding the storage space (and the available space) on the 32GB Surface tablet. The specifications include 32GB of storage but, as Microsoft itself has pointed out, File Explorer is only reporting 16GB free and accessible to the user, the rest being taken up be pre-installed applications, OS itself as well as a recovery partition.

Because of that Microsoft has been hit with a lawsuit for allegedly misleading customers. Los Angeles lawyer Andrew Sokolowski is taking Microsoft to court because he purchased a 32GB Surface tablet and he quickly ran out of the 16GB space available to the user. He and his lawyers are addressing the claim of false advertising and unfair business practices to the Los Angeles Superior Court, also looking for a class action status.

Te purpose of the action is not only to make the Redmond company change its business and marketing strategies and practices but to also “give back revenue and profits that resulted from its alleged wrongful conduct”. Microsoft said that “customers understand the operating system and pre-installed applications reside on the device’s internal storage thereby reducing the total free space”, thus resulting in a lawsuit which will have no merit. Microsoft also pointed out that users can expand storage via USB and microSD expansion cards.

Sokolowski’s lawyer said Microsoft makes “you search and dig for it [the information] specifically, or you would never find it”, hence his client not noticing details “buried” on the website.

Source: Associated Press

Via: Cnet

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