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Google Reportedly Expands iOS Google Maps Testing In Anticipation Of App Store Submission

by Stephen Schenck on

During those first few weeks after iOS 6 and its disappointing, Google-less Maps app debuted, there were plenty of rumors that Google might side-step Apple’s shunning of its map data and release its own stand-alone iOS Google Maps app. It didn’t take long for those reports to be dismissed, but they just couldn’t go away altogether. More recently, we’ve heard that there might actually be something to the idea, and we might even see it arrive before the year was out. That theme continues tonight, this time with The Wall Street Journal weighing-in on the rumors.

The WSJ reports learning that Google’s been giving some of its friends a copy of this new iOS app to test out, in the hopes of finishing things up quickly and getting the app off to Apple for approval. Of course, it remains up in the air whether or not that approval might be readily forthcoming, but from the sounds of things, that’s a decision that Apple will soon find itself forced to make.

Again, we’re left wondering just when Google might wrap things up with the development of this new Google Maps app, but that earlier timetable of a potential release before the end of the year seems quite plausible.

Source: WSJ
Via: PhoneScoop

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