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Android 4.2′s Secret: Hidden “BeanFlinger” Daydream

by Stephen Schenck on

Android fans are well familiar with the little hidden Easter eggs Google likes to pepper new releases with. Back this past summer, we saw the latest to hit the platform, where you could pull up a pic of an Android-ified jelly bean, and then play with a whole screenful of floating jelly beans. Now that Android 4.2 has arrived, that secret is getting a little bit of tweak, helping to show-off one of Android’s new features.

Android 4.2 introduces support for what Google’s calling “Daydreams”, which are basically interactive screensavers. Once you pull up that old jelly bean Easter egg, accessed by tapping on the version counter in the phone’s about screen, a new Daydream option will be added to the list of what’s available. Called BeanFlinger, this Daydream is essentially the same as the Easter egg itself, albeit now against a black background.

We know, it’s not particularly useful or anything, but think of it as a convenient way to rub it in all your friends’ faces that you’re running Android 4.2, while they’re stuck on an older build.

Source: Android Central

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