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Microsoft Will Reportedly Only Sell 60% Of Forecasted Surface RT Volumes

by Anton D. Nagy on

Last week Steve Ballmer said something about the Surface RT: long story short (you can read the chain of events in our post here), the CEO allegedly said the Surface RT was off to a “modest” start sales-wise but shortly after Microsoft pointed out that Ballmer was supposedly referring to “modest” supply, not demand or sales. At this point it is not so clear what the CEO said and the information about official, exact sales numbers is yet to be published.

According to (of course) unnamed sources from the supply chain cited by DigiTimes, Microsoft’s Surface running Windows RT will only manage to sell about 60%¬†of what the company forecasted by the end of this year. Furthermore, same source indicated that the tablet will face difficulties ramping up performance and consistent sales in the holiday season. This is mainly due, explains the report, to the fact that the tablet is missing an advantage over the competition in terms of price and performance, as well as the lack of compatibility with previous Windows applications.

The Surface RT is capable of only running applications from its Windows Store and the only full-fledged Windows software bits are the Internet Explorer and Office suite that come pre-loaded.

Source: DigiTimes

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