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Here’s Why Google Is Selling A Bumper With the Nexus 4

by Anton D. Nagy on

When I spoke to Brandon Miniman this morning –after his almost all-nighter because of the missing information related to an exact pre-order time for the Nexus devices– I asked him about the bumper: “why the heck does Google sell a bumper for the Nexus 4? It’s not like they’re having issues with the radio, reception and all that like Apple had with the iPhone 4″.

He told me straight up: “because they don’t want people to break the glass”, and he was right. We’ve already seen and heard of reviewers breaking the back of the phone, which is made out of glass, pretty much like the front of it, in the vein of the iPhone 4 and 4S. Of course the glass will only break if you smash it or drop it, but still, with a bumper to protect it, you stand a better chance of not ruining your phone upon first fall than without.

…and there’s also the back glass protection aspect to consider. Whenever you place your Nexus 4 flat on its back it will sit on the glass, which is not only bad for plain surfaces off of which it will start to glide and slide, but it also exposes the phone to scratches over time. If Google’s bumper is anything like Apple’s (and we don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be), the phone will not touch the plain surface underneath; instead, it will lay down on the edges of the bumper.

Now, do I smell an Apple lawsuit coming up because either the “bumper” name or the concept itself? Let us know and also tell us whether you’re considering getting one $20.

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