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What Could Android’s Anniversary Mean For Google’s Next Release?

by Stephen Schenck on

On November 5, 2007, Google and the other new members of the Open Handset Alliance announced Android. Nearly five years later, we’ve seen the platform become one of the major players in the smartphone world, and dozens upon dozens of Android-running devices come to market. As that five-year anniversary draws upon us, could Google be planning some special to commemorate the event? A new rumor paints just such a picture, and connects back to some other claims we’ve heard about Google’s plans for the fall.

That number five popped-up in a recent rumor about how the next Nexus phone might arrive; instead of Google working with one manufacturer to create a showcase phone for what might end up being Android 5.0 (which could be more likely than it seems, if the rest of this plays out), we heard that Google might instead draw several companies into the mix, coordinating five Nexus models for simultaneous release. Today’s rumor suggests that we’ll see those Androids launch on November 5. Five models, Android 5.0, five years, and November 5: if we’re to believe this is all true, that theme of “fives” quickly becomes hard to ignore.

Still, we’re asked to accept an awful lot of claims at face value for this theory to be plausible, so let’s just keep it in mind until there’s anything in the way of real evidence to support or deny things. For now, this theory is only attributed to an unnamed “reliable source”.

Source: Talk Android
Via: Phandroid

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